Mary Japaridze, Chicago-Kent College of Law, LL.M class of 2014

Studying at Chicago-Kent College of Law was one of the brightest and most rewarding experiences of my life. The school has so much to offer to anyone: aside from a great variety of interesting courses, which provide sound knowledge in US and International law, a truly diverse student body, composed of legal professionals from all over the world – makes Chicago-Kent a great place to study. In addition, friendly and respectful attitude of the faculty and staff, their constant care and encouragement make the learning process smooth and enjoyable. What also distinguishes Chicago-Kent is that it vigorously promotes networking and building valuable connections through various social and professional events, which regularly take place at school’s premises. In overall, the opportunity to study here was indeed “a dream come true” for me and I will always be endlessly grateful to the Chicago-Kent College of Law and the SAL program in Caucasus for making it possible!










Zurab Melkadze, Chicago-Kent College of Law, LL.M class of 2014

To be a student at Chicago Kent is a big honor for me, frankly I feel the same from other students. Despite of our origins and cultural difference all of us are proud of our nice modern building located in the Loop of Chicago, big awesome and comfortable library, reputable professors and being members of Chicago community. I love Windy City it’s gorgeous!!! Also, I would like to express my gratitude to all my professors, who tried their best, to teach us lawyers’ techniques and prepare us for US lawyers’ lifestyle. I could not imagine that I would be so sad on my last day of class, but I am sure we will keep in touch and even expend our network through alumni association. I would like to thank for this great opportunity all the people involved in this great project – SAL Caucasus. Finally, I hope the exams will be as successful as our classes. Good luck to everyone!











Lusine Bakumyan, Chicago-Kent College of Law, LL.M class of 2014

LL.M program of Chicago-Kent College of Law provide a unique opportunity for specialists from Caucasus region to continue their education in one of the honored law schools in USA. The Chicago-Kent is a place where scrupulous and precise studies, superior skills training and close interaction with faculty produce a distinctive, personalized approach to students professional education. Because this program was created mainly for international students, it also gives a unique opportunity to meet with new friends from all over the world, which helps better understand the different cultures and also to gain important experience. I am happy for being involved in this program and I really appreciate the important contribution and the big efforts of the both management teams (IIT Chicago-Kent and SAL Caucasus) for formation of this program.